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The Boombap Kids

Imagine a world where top-tier DJs and musicians meet the feel-good vibe of the Muppets, and you've got the Boom Bap Kids! Proof you are never too old for DJs and Muppets. A party rocking favorite for young, young at heart and everyone in between,...

The Little Miss

"Imagine a house party where Woody Guthrie, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash, and Fiona Apple all sing a Robert Johnson tune together...

El Conjunto Nueva Ola (ECNO)

Direct from the city of hope – Mexico City, Mexico – comes the six-man group EL CONJUNTO NUEVA OLA. Known also as “los enmarscarados” (“the masked ones”), their faces are covered with “luchador” (wrestler) masks at all times, hiding the true identity of each group...