The Plaza Stage

J Güero and the Wired Sessions


Date/Time: May 27, 2022 08:00 PM
Event Type: Performance, Plaza Stage
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About Performance

J Güero and The Wired Sessions is a multicultural project founded by LA-based Chilean producer Juan Covarrubias. With 2 EPs and 3 singles released since its foundation in 2019, the project has collaborated with artists such as rock en español legend Enrique Bunbury, theremin superstar Carolina Eyck, and taiko group Asano Taiko Ensemble, among others. J Güero’s first EP “Wired Sessions Vol.1” was featured in Rolling Stones Magazine and opened the door for various festivals like Ruido Fest and SXSW 2022. J Güero’s new album “Wired Sessions Vol.2” (to be released at the end of the year) is full of Latino energy, world beats, and psychedelic electronica.

@jguero_ @nextfestla @lacountyfair Fairplex, LA County Fair, May 2022

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