The Lagoon Stage

Alfred Nomad


Date/Time: May 29, 2022 05:20 PM
Event Type: Lagoon Stage, Performance
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About Performance

Alfred Nomad is building a whole world around his creativity. A music artist, curator and activist. If you define the genre of music, it is hip-hop, but it’s much more, with jazz, eclectic and alternative influences coming through. Alfred represents music that you live to. It’s not made for one particular place or setting. You can go about your whole day and grow with it from waking up, going out, your achievements, heartbreaks and self-growth all wrapped into a playlist of life. Catch Alfred Nomad Sunday 29th May, 2022 as part of Label Squadz x NextFest.

@alfrednomad at @nextfestla @lacountyfair  Fairplex, LA County Fair, May 2022

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