NextFest LA Music Festival


For 13 days in the Month of May 2022, NextFest LA will launch its inaugural year on multiple stages within the LA County Fair experience, which also celebrates its 100 year anniversary. This will be one of the largest indie culture events in the West Coast, if not the nation, with over 200 artists, DJs, boutique parties and more scheduled to perform.

NextFests focus is to provide emerging artists and influential events, from all genres and arenas, access to an untapped audience of 60k-100k fair attendees daily. For the 1.2 million visitors throughout the month, this energizes an easy pathway of discovery for our cities’ innovators and scenes, when the barrier of participation in the mainstream festival process is beyond reach.

By repositioning the LA County Fair to feature NextFest LA it becomes a pioneering destination event. The music festival and fair collaboration create a platform for indie musicians to gain a foothold into the music industry and local scene, fortifying connections that have always existed but had yet to take off.  

At the heart of NextFest LA is the desire to support emerging talent on and off stage. By cultivating an environment, via experience and guidance, to help better prepare talent for their professional journey, NextFest LA is the ideal festival for artists to get their first taste of life on a festival stage.

NextFest LA doesn’t just book shows, but curates experiences. For a day’s affordable fair ticket, audiences can capture a glimpse of other communities’ passions, outside their own, and immerse themselves in meaningful connections that spotlights the next generation of creatives from diverse musical genres.

This is just the beginning of how the next 100 years of the County Fair will be experienced and NextFest is inspired to be one of the firestarters of this expansion.