Lili Joy

Lily Joy

What genre of music does Lili Joy make? Well, that’s a great question– one, in fact, she herself could not answer. Indie? Psychedelic? Maybe some type of R&B concoction? One thing is for certain, if you like a whimsical melody or a moody, rhythmic soundscape– you just might be in the right place. Lili Joy’s unique vocal style has been described as “beautiful, tender, & feminine” in the words of Gwen Stefani. The 19 year-old singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist’s multi-dimensional music combines indie pop with an influence of the old-school jazz and modern alternative styles she grew up with. In 2018, Lili’s YouTube channel caught the attention of The Voice and led her to be cast in Season 16 as a part of Team Blake. Since then, she has continued work on releasing her own music to the world, enlisting the help of producer John Velasquez (Zella Day, Ella Vos) to create the whimsical, rhythmic, and honest sound that is true to her as an artist. Throughout her releases, she has featured incredibly talented friends such as Hayden Coplen (Sir Sly), Dan Bailey (Father John Misty), and Aaron G. Steele (Hayley Williams, Portugal the Man). With the help of these remarkable musicians, she has been able to create art that is both free-flowing and fine- tuned. Lili’s dream-like, moody, yet beautiful soundscape is one that speaks to the nature of womanhood, and it is not to be overlooked.