DJ Asylum


Meet DJ Asylum, a seasoned DJ whose passion for music traces back to the rhythmic beats his mother played during housecleaning sessions. His love for DJing ignited while immersed in classic hip hop movies like “Beat Street,” “Breaking,” and “Krush Groove.” Influenced by the rich Mexican American culture of the San Gabriel Valley, DJ Asylum’s musical style reflects a diverse upbringing. Asylum’s DJ journey commenced in high school after witnessing a local DJ’s mesmerizing performance at a party. Since then, he has graced the stages of renowned clubs in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Hollywood, and throughout Southern California, leaving an indelible mark on each venue. Beyond the nightlife scene, DJ Asylum has lent his talents to corporate events and weddings, as a member of the Invisible Touch Events staff, showcasing his ability to set the perfect musical tone. With an extensive knowledge of various music genres and a unique style, DJ Asylum crafts playlists that cater to any mood, whether it’s a sophisticated dinner mix or the ultimate dance party set. Currently as a resident DJ, at the 80s Clubs, DJ Asylum brings his versatile mixing skills to a diverse audience. Both the young and the young at heart can relish in the creative playlists he curates for every event.