Hailing from the vibrant streets of New York City, DJ A.C.E. has been setting the tone at parties and events for over five years. Specializing in a dynamic blend of Hip-hop, R&B, and Top 40 hits, DJ A.C.E. is renowned for his ability to seamlessly bounce from genre to genre, ensuring a lively and engaging experience for all attendees. Throughout his career, DJ A.C.E. has been a constant presence in the local scene, holding a year-long residency at a popular bar in Thousand Oaks and spinning at numerous weddings, graduation parties, and mitzvahs. His knack for crafting the perfect event soundtrack is unmatched, as he tailors each set to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. DJ A.C.E.‘s philosophy is simple: the audience’s enjoyment is paramount. He believes that while the technical aspects of DJing are important, the true measure of a DJ’s skill is their ability to keep the vibe going and ensure everyone has a memorable time. With DJ A.C.E. behind the decks, expect nothing less than a party that keeps you moving all night long.