El Santo Golpe

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El Santo Golpe better translates to The Mighty Hit, the feeling that we all get when we experience a powerful sense of joy, an unexpected punch of happiness as we connect with a song, a rhythm, movement, art, and an experience in our lives that brings is us peacefulness and alegria! This artist collective was created to introduce an original take to the fun world of “Afro-Latin” music, as they borrow influences of rhythms, sounds, traditions, and Folklore from the Afro Latin Diaspora around the world. El Santo Golpe is a one-of-a-kind musical spectacle that originated in Riverside, California in 2016, formed by a group of close friends, family, and fellow artists. All share a vision and love for the music that now creates El Santo Golpe. El Santo Golpe honors different cultures, history, and traditions by using traditional instrumentation like eight-string Jaranas, Tarima (a wooden platform), Djembe, Primera, and Accordion, to mention a few, as well as dances and expressions influenced by Mexican Folklore, Bomba from Puerto Rico, West African Dance, and more. El Santo Golpe has one main goal, to use their music as universal language to help close gaps between cultures, genres, ages, and beliefs, creating a worldwide community where we can all dance, sing, laugh and forget about our daily troubles.