Maybellene Ryder

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“Ring the bell you Maybellene Ryder!” — the opening line to songstress Ms. Ryder’s upcoming single “L.A. People.” While stuck living in the desert, the song describes an eerie romance with the city of Los Angeles, with Ryder frequently driving down the 10 at night in her Ford Econoline to find a new burning love and a new way to tell its story. The old story is buried deep in the sands of the Mojave. A dance with the devil and a band burned to flames. Five long years of swirling around in that cosmic vortex that only those who stuck around long enough know its true meaning. They say the desert will spit you out. You’ll either become one with it, or it’ll spit you out. In the case of Maybellene, she got spit all the way to L.A. With her fiddle in hand, she gets along alright; she can shred like her soul depends on it or find a divine, soaring melody to get in touch with something good and true. What’s on the horizon is unclear. There’s two albums recorded and hidden away, and it’ll be two-stepping with the muse to find out if they ever see the light of day. For right now, she’s singing her songs, backed by a cadre of incredibly talented sweethearts, and they’re having a darn good time playing country rock and roll music.