Buddha Trixie

Buddah Trixie

Buddha Trixie is a San Diego-based band consisting of original members Dennis Moon, Daniel Cole, and Andrew Harris, who have been playing music together since 7th grade. Bonding over classic rock and indie music, the trio played raw blues and funk-rock jams at family parties and local venues. They began recording original music in their garage studio in 2012-2013, and their debut EP ‘Real’ was produced by Andrew’s older brother Mitchell. After the EP’s release, keyboardist/guitarist Kenzo Mann joined the band, adding his unique personality and musicianship. Together, they compiled songs for their debut album ‘Stop the Space Age,’ recorded in 2016 while attending four-year universities. With grandiose arrangements and thematically-driven lyrics, the project became somewhat of a concept album. It was a challenging but rewarding process that allowed them to fully realize their artistic vision.