LA JUNTA SOUND SYSTEM feat. Glenn Red & Degruvme

Date: Fri May 27th 2022

Performing: The Plaza Stage


“LA JUNTA”, a Spanish translation of ‘the gathering’ serves as both the widely popular brand name of Los Angeles outdoor cultural celebrations that feature tropical Afro-Latin music, and as the moniker of the four-person team that produces the series and related deejay/live music events.

Resident selectors Degruvme, Yukicito and Glenn Red–whose respective ethnic heritages begin in Mexico, Japan and the Philippines–together create a rich pastiche of tropical dance music celebrated for its unique balance of vintage and cutting edge sounds. Music lovers, fervent dancers and casual listeners alike will find themselves on an irresistible musical sojourn across Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, India, and through our stateside metropolises, all while the seamless blending of rhythms, food and sunshine conjure big smiles and even bigger dance moves.

The DJs

Miz Honey P (Mexican American)

Prescilla aka Miz Honey P is the newest DJ for the crew La junta L.A. Always a lover of music and no stranger to the dancefloor, it was the pandemic that gave her the time to learn to DJ. She loves all things funky and can be heard playing everything from Reggaeton to R&B, House to Cumbia. She has a dancer’s soul and a DJ’s ear.

Yukicito (Japanese)

Yukicito is a multi-talented DJ, producer, and musician whose “fresco tracks” are known to keep bodies moving across LA’s global music scene. A native of Osaka, Japan, Yukicito crosses borders and genres with rich mixes that range from Classic Soul to Samba, from Cumbia to Bhangra, from Afro-Funk to Japanese Minyo, and all the luscious grooves that fall in between.

Glenn Red (Filipino American)

Glenn Red is a Manila-born, Los Angeles-based creative expressing Love via deejaying, music event production and graphic design. Steadily rocking crowds in the city’s most respected venues alongside the finest selectors and musicians from around the world, Glenn Red’s deejay sets weave fluidly through time and across genres, connecting the traditional sounds of Africa and the Americas with their modern expressions around the globe. Afrobeat, Cumbia, Rumba, and Samba rhythms embrace Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, and Reggae as Glenn’s multi-faceted sound echoes the deep, colorful, and spirited energy of LA and its soulful people.

degruvme (chicano/Native American)

degruvme is a DJ & Producer from the San Gabriel valley who started his journey as a party goer in the undergrounds of Los Angeles. His love of techno, disco & house are inspirations for his energetic DJ sets. His Mexican Heritage has given him a love for Afro-Latin and Global music, while his early years of DJing in Gay clubs helped him cultivate a sense of drama and flair.