The Band That Fell To Earth – A Ziggy Stardust tribute


ZIGGY played guitar in the GOLDEN YEARS for a brief, bright moment in music and FASHION.
Then the Spiders left the web, and the moment passed, as all moments do.
Now it is TIME to begin again. We make it all worthwhile as Rock And Roll STARs, with an all-new

Ziggy and a fresh set of spiders:
A. Jude plays the part of singer with guitar as a loving tribute to the inimitable Bowie.
Steve Abagon plays the Ronno with sci-fi flair on stolen guitars.
Scott Bassman locks it in with a big bass end strutting the melodic foundation.
John Rogers can tickle the ivories with the best of them and gives BVs of taste and skill.
Charlie Nice lives up to his name until the skins end up bruised with a military tattoo.

We relive the KOOKY Ziggy times with a special selection of later songs that might well have been “in
development” at this stage in the STARMAN’s career.

Come be HEROES, and REBEL REBEL with us, and we’ll have you shaking your JEAN GENIEs in no

Date: Sun May 8th 2022

Performing: TBD