Cate Tomlinson


Cate Tomlinson is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist based in Boston. Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Tomlinson grew up writing songs and playing the piano by ear in her family’s living room. As a senior in high school, she decided to pursue music more seriously and began recording and collaborating with proven session musicians. A bit of a late start didn’t slow her down—she learned the ropes quickly, and since then, released her debut EP “Missing” in August of 2020. Tomlinson’s leading single off her EP, “Muse,” was featured on Spotify’s ‘Fresh-Finds: Indie’ editorial playlist and her EP recently hit one hundred-thousand all-time streams. In April of 2021, Tomlinson released “Favorite Boy,” which earned her first producing credit and evolved her style towards a blend of electronic and alternative pop. Smooth, ethereal vocals, stacked harmonies, and glittery synths have come to define Tomlinson’s sound. The young self-made artist is now attending Northeastern University as a Music Industry major and is working to develop her unique voice as an artist and producer. Continuing to explore her craft and passion, this young vocalist is bound to make waves this year.

Press Quotes

“20-year old singer/songwriter Cate Tomlinson is the latest alt-pop princess to keep your eyes on this year.” -Tongue Tied Magazine

“Cate Tomlinson is the latest and greatest to land on our radar, and for good reason. It’s always exciting when an artist places a specific purpose behind their work. In this case, it’s Cate’s ability to make original music.” -Keep Walking Music, on EP “Missing”

“Tomlinson writes like an open book, but musically she approached “Notes App Apology” with electropop vibes that have a dark undertone.” -Music and Fashion Blog

“In a gorgeous blend of serene vocals and feel-good melodies, it seems at only 20 years old Cate Tomlinson has already mastered the art of creating music that is heartbreakingly authentic.” -Tongue Tied Magazine on “Notes App Apology”

Date: Sun May 15th 2022

Performing: TBD